Transforming how clothing is designed, made and consumed, CENSAI’s process encourages a more insightful way of manufacturing. CENSAI retains the beautiful parts of garment washing while eliminating the destructive ones.


We combined our patented AirDye™ Technology, our patent-pending Color Management Software, and our proprietary Design Technology to deliver an elevated and meaningful product.

Our allure to wasteful denim and garment washing is dated.




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no indigo dyes

Indigo dyeing is inefficient,

requires toxic chemicals, and produces harmful wastewater.  


CENSAI™ uses our patented AirDye™ process* that forms localized dye baths directly on the fabric, permanently bonding the color to the fiber by air - not by chemicals or water.  

Our technology adds the exact amount of dye in the exact intended location on the fabric, removing the need to wash down garments for desired characteristics.

waterless coloration

Garment washing furthers our environmental impact- involving more chemicals, more water, and more 

energy. This subtractive 

process removes dyes and fibers to create garment effects, generating even more waste.


Our additive process eliminates garment washing, hand sanding, or any chemical destructive steps.

CENSAI™ utilizes our proprietary design technology to create washed down effects while providing

new, endless coloration possibilities that traditional dyeing methods cannot produce.

recycled materials

CENSAI is relentless in minimizing our contribution to waste in the environment. We developed a superior quality fabric made from post-consumer plastic waste that is performance driven with moisture wicking properties, breathability, and a supple hand.


CENSAI also sources sustainable and deadstock trims.


By using recycled materials, we reduce the extraction of crude oil and reduce waste in landfills and our oceans.

clean production

CENSAI™ dramatically reduces waste.  Our AirDye™ coloration technology uses 95% less water, 86% less energy, and 84% less greenhouse gases compared to traditional dyeing methods.  On a single garment, the water savings alone can be as much as 170 liters.

By incorporating recycled polyester fabric, CENSAI uses 59% less energy and 46% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester.

We work with manufacturing partners who convert production waste into pellets that are used to provide energy to the facilities.




From private labeling to fully custom product manufacturing, our commercial process is designed to be implemented effortlessly.  CENSAI ideation sessions and meetings can be held at your office or at one of ours (US or Japan).  




Our first step is getting to know each other better!  Collaborative ideation sessions are the induction of new ideas and visual direction.  We will review the CENSAI collection and any of your concepts you'd like to create with CENSAI.



CENSAI is a highly versatile manufacturing and design process allowing near endless product possibilities.  Discover how easy it is to produce a CENSAI product.



Our mission is to help everyone add value to this world through a product that is differentiated and purposeful. We want to make sure that our products are created with this spirit and we care passionately about our customers and affiliates alike.

In order to accomplish really great things, we have to openly communicate with our customers and supply chain. We like our customers to be involved with how we work and promote openness and transparency to our entire supply chain.

If a problem should arise, we share the issues with our customers and affiliates so we can all come up with creative solutions that work favorably for everyone.